Architects and Property Owners are sometimes overwhelmed by the quantity of requirements set by the local Agencies in charge of reviewing projects, then finding the right consultant, proving them with technical requirements, and making submittals to the agencies in charge. Though out the years the firm has established true connections with Architects, Structural Engineers, Geotechnical Engineers & Designers. We offer Contract administration for the hiring of the above mentioned professionals that have traded resources with CRF Engineering through the years.

Project coordination is related to all duties to keep consultants & local agencies all in the same page and aware of the changes, updates, specifications and owners requests to be addressed in the plans. This service speeds up the approval of the overall design to be done in the project.

Scheduling submittals and setting deadlines to other consultants to ensure timely submittals is essential to get plans approved and get the construction permits that enables the owner of the project to start construction.