Civil engineering plans, reports, specifications, and certifications are required by the local agency in charge (County or City) for all new Construction Projects to meet new code specifications and construction standards.


Civil Engineering

Civil engineering plans, reports, specifications, and certifications are required by...

Land Surveying

Land surveying is the tie between civil engineering and construction work. It is a very ...

NPDES Complience

All construction projects are required to comply with specific NPDES reports requested by...



North orange county, making it accessible to several cities in Orange & Los Angeles countie’s within minutes.

CRF Engineering established in 2005 has maintained an unbreakable reputation for precision, accuracy & timelines among property owners, contractors, architects and other engineering firms.

Civil Engineering Design
  • Civil Engineering Research
    is a fundamental task performed during the first phase of the project; research will improve design options, and potentially avoid conflicts during the construction of any project. Utility Research is useful for civil plans to show lines such as water, storm drain, fire, sewer, etc. The challenge with this task is obtaining the records needed and coordinating with specific agencies involved. Most utilities are underground and therefore can be difficult to identify unless accurate records or as-builts are provided.
    Survey Research is also performed for surveying to analyze previously recorded data for vertical or horizontal control near the property in question. Some of the items obtained during survey research are record of survey maps, corner record maps, street centerline ties, etc. for the use of realigning field measurements to record information. For the purpose of elevations, city or county benchmarks will give the assigned – measured above sea elevation.
  • Conceptual Studies
    Conceptual Studies, reports, and plans are prepared for project feasibility in order to determine the basic requirements of the governing agency (local agency in charge of reviewing & approving projects, i.e. cities, counties, state, federal). This provides a chance to show the agency a preliminary engineering plan and/or reports of what the property owner wants developed and communicate to the client any constraints, fees, proposals, and requirements prior to a final design or significant decision making.
  • Site Layout ~ Horizontal Control Plans
    Site layout plans are engineered to comply with regulations regarding number and size of parking stalls, building area, pervious areas, building ratios, green area rations, and ADA requirements. Area distribution, area coverage, fire review, having an engineered site plan could potentially decrease any anticipated constraints sometimes not seen by the architect or lead designer, if developed during the preliminary planning phase. Typically, a survey assures a specific site plan will work with the actual dimensions of the property. These plans called horizontal control plans show planimetric lines of the site’s layout, stripping, dimensions, signs, areas, and other useful information for the contractor during construction. These plans could serve as a check of civil vs. architectural floor plans or site plans to identify any typical miscoordination of dimensions between the civil engineer and the architect.
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Architects and Property Owners are sometimes overwhelmed by the quantity of requirements set by the local Agencies in charge of reviewing projects, then finding the right consultant, proving them with technical requirements, and making submittals to the agencies in charge. Though out the years the firm has established true connections with Architects, Structural Engineers, Geotechnical Engineers & Designers. We offer Contract administration for the hiring of the above mentioned professionals that have traded resources with CRF Engineering through the years.
  1. a) Proficient in land surveying: Construction Staking, Topographic surveys, ALTA surveys, Tentative Maps, Parcel Maps, Tract Maps, Lot Mergers, Easement Dedications, Lot Line Adjustments, Easement Dedications, Horizontal Control Surveys, Corner Records, Record of Surveys.
  2. b) We count with very sophisticated & reliable surveying equipment, Robotic Total Stations Trimble S7 & Survey GPS Trimble R10 RTK.
  3. c) All survey materials used are top of the line materials.
  4. d) We count with the Knowledge, Skill, and Attitude to provide land surveying services.
  5. e) All drawings and measurements are done with top of the line equipment and the most sophisticated drafting techniques as mandated by the cities and the construction industry.
  6. f) We use top of the line technology instruments and software, experience, and education to accomplish reliable results.
  7. g) Our staff consist on graduated science professionals.
  8. h) Our surveys are always prepared under the supervision of a licensed land surveyor.

• We count with industry insurances such as general liability, worker’s compensation, trucks commercial liability, and professional practice liability for industrial, commercial, and residential projects.

• For more information about our services please visit our web site or give us a call 714-522-2266.

All Construction projects are required to comply with specific NPDES (National Pollutant Elimination System) & the California State Water Resources Control Board (CSWRCB) with reports requested by the local agencies, since pollution plays a bigger role in today’s society, and has become a requirement for the approval of grading permits. Our vast experience & certifications to comply with WQMP, SUSMP,SWPPP, Erosion Control Plans, reports and plans for Residential, Commercial & Industrial Projects has put our company on advantage with other firms.

We are committed to professionalism and strive to meet the highest standards and comprehensive quality of service, experience,and production toassure prompt approvals with economic, functional and constructable civil engineering designs.

All of our projects move forward and every year we make changes to be innovators of the systems & procedures thataccelarate project approvalsin record time with the best quality in the market.

Civil Engineering plans, reports, certifications

We are committed to professionalism and time deadlines to help projects move forward, it is of vast importance for us to provide our clients and local reviewing agencies with top quality designs to assure prompt approvals, functional, economic, and constructable civil engineering designs.


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We are committed to professionalism and strive to meet the highest standards in quality of service and production

To assure prompt approvals with economic, functional and constructable civil engineering designs.