CRF Engineering is a full service Land Development consulting company offering Civil Engineering, Land Surveying & NPDES Compliance consulting services, we offer our services to property owners, developers, architects and other engineering firms for residential, commercial, and industrial projects as well as municipalities. Our office has been proudly associated with hundreds of constructed residential, commercial, municipal, and industrial projects throughout Southern California.


CRF Engineering is committed to work with all clients in a proactive & energetic manner with efficiently and “hands on” involvement; We strive to understand and satisfy unique needs set forth by our clients & local agencies to ensure excellence in every aspect of our civil engineering designs.


CRF Engineering offers a team with invaluable experience in Civil Engineering Services. We have the knowledge and skill to address various civil engineering issues pertaining to projects in both Private and Public sectors.

Mr. Ramirez, PE, PLS founder of the firm has invaluable experience in the field of Civil Engineering having started his experience in the field of land surveying in the year 2,000, learned involved with sophisticated procedures and technology. Mr. Ramirez has proven to hundreds of clients, and to the Board for Professional Engineers and Land Surveyors his attitude and aptitude to serve the public with the best service in the fields of Civil Engineering & Land Surveying; Mr. Ramirez has experience in design – build projects of all magnitudes such as rail-road projects, airport projects, commercial projects, industrial projects, residential projects, street improvement projects, and other municipal projects. Mr. Ramirez has a wide experience, working with over 150 incorporated cities, and several counties in southern California, focusing in the County of Orange & County of Los Angeles.


CRF Engineering established in 2005 first started as a sub-consulting firm to prominent civil engineers in the industry. In 2011 it was incorporated, and since then has maintained an unbreakable reputation for precision, accuracy & timelines among property owners, contractors, architects and other engineering firms. The successful years of progress & improvements have lead to continuous growth of the firm specializing in Civil Engineering & Land Surveying. We are committed to professionalism and time deadlines to help projects move forward. It is of vast importance for us to provide our clients and local reviewing agencies with top quality designs to assure prompt approvals, functional, economic, and constructible civil engineering designs.